I am a self-made animal illustrator. I run a custom pet portrait shop, GoodAfternoonan. I’m also a former Seller Education Specialist at Etsy. In the fall of 2015, I decided to become a full time small business owner and my husband and I moved to Missouri.

Here’s the story of how it all began.

Late one evening in the winter of 2011, I was sitting on my couch, eating bonbons, watching episodes of Arrested Development. A blustery wind rattled my windows, and I pulled my afghan closer around myself. I glanced around my studio. Paint sat unopened. Pens were nestled into an old pickle jar, not one dried up from use. My sewing machine, covered in an old pillowcase, haunted the corner. Something needed to change. The grey winter was creeping over my studio, lulling me into couch potato hibernation. As I went to stash the bonbons back in my kitchen, my eye paused over a small photograph tucked into a magnet sleeve on my refrigerator. Henrietta, a friend’s cat, glared out behind wispy white eyebrows. I snatched it off the fridge, grabbed a few of my pens, rummaged in the drawer for my watercolors, and started my first pet portrait. GoodAfternoonan became my new year’s resolution, and a few months later I was making many pet owners smile. When it’s grey, you only need a little bit of color to brighten things back up.

More about my home decorating style from when my apartment was featured on the Etsy Blog: http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2011/get-the-look-decor-city-dweller/





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  1. Love the story behind this blog! I’ll have to check out some of your work. For now, I wanted to stop by and say I can’t wait to meet you at BBC St. Louis! Looking forward to it!

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