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An old oak kitchen table, one from the basement of my childhood best friend’s house, sits at the end of my living room. At this table, I punch out dog buttons, glue magnets, and design my animal shrinky dinks. I’ve been in Brooklyn for 7 years. Three years ago that childhood friend moved away and passed me this treasure and token of childhood summers spent puffy painting t-shirts and drawing ocean scenes. Three years ago was also when I started planing my shop, so this table, became the creative hub for GoodAfternoonan.

As a small business, it’s important to tell your unique story, and for me this table and what it represents is part of GoodAfternoonan’s brand story. My items are made in small batches by me at an old kitchen table. They are personally handmade in Brooklyn. My branding should convey a sense of Brooklyn cottage industry. Until now, I’d not put that sentiment into my packaging, so was really excited when I saw the next tip for the 12 Ways to get a Jumpstart on the Holidays.

Day Two: Brighten your branding. Amplify your impact during the holidays and beyond with recognizable branded elements on your packaging and products. For instance, ordering a custom stamp and business cards can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing your shop’s reach offline. Read Branded Packaging Basics for more advice on setting yourself up for a season of success.

I actually got pretty inspired by this. I’ve been wanting to make my shop more branded for a long time. Designing packaging for my items means another creative project, so it’s just plain fun. Plus, I ran out of my old business cards a few months back and have been putting off re-ordering because I wanted a new look. So here goes with tip number two: I’ve developed a new suite of branded packaging based on the recommendations from Branded Packaging Basics.

First I realized that my branded packaging should showcase key GoodAfternoonan characteristics, mainly that GoodAfternoonan items are:

  1. Great gift ideas for pet owners
  2. Handmade by lil’ old me
  3. in Brooklyn, NY


1. Hangtags

One of the 5 new items that I’m developing for my SMART goal will look so cute with a little hangtag. I printed these up by making a design for mini MOO cards. So many of my customers order items as gifts. This way if my item is a gift, the receiver will know where to find me.

2. New Business Cards

Just that. These are pretty basic and simply in line with my other new branded items. Look how cute cranky Odessa cat is as my new shop logo ie mascot.

3. Label Stickers

At craft fairs in the past, I always disappointed myself with my bland packaging – plain Kraft bags. What a missed opportunity. Now that I’m preparing in August instead of right before the holiday craft fair rush, I took the time to design a multipurpose label. This will be great for not only branding my shopping bags for fairs, but for sealing boxes and tissue paper.

I think I’m set for a while now with branded packaging material for my sales. Am I missing anything? I had so much fun with this, I could go a little overboard designing more.

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