When I put out the call at all cat owners at work to get a complimentary custom cat portrait magnet, the response was wonderful. Everyone was excited and my day was made seeing over 50 photos of loved cats. The other great thing was seeing all of the different names. In all 53 or so magnets there was not one repeat. Here are a few: Junior, Gus, Kiki, and Charlie.


Currently my little studio is a frenzy as I’ve promised that caturday, the delivery of these little gifts, will happen sometime this week. I’ve been cutting packaging and labels and taking final photographs all weekend. PS – Stay tuned for a how-to in the coming weeks about making hand-drawn logos and labels for products. I’m also so excited to add these to the shop.

In the midst of the flurry, I’ve also made some funny speech bubbles as something unexpected to add to some of the smaller magnets. You can see one below with Jez, who as a calico proved to be a bit difficult. The most difficult ones, though, usually turned out to be my favorites.


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