Normally, when you hear from me, my voice is coming over the computer screen direct from the couch in my little Brooklyn apartment. My 70s mushroom lamps (yes, I have an obsession and more than one) are usually casting a glow across the living room and the teddy bear cat is curled up at my feet. The monster is in her chair and, most times, take out food is on its way (and, yes, I have a bad takeout food habit that I plan to break sooner rather than later).

Today, though, marks my first day in London, where I will be for the next six weeks.

Needless to say this last week was an absolute blur. I spent most of the time worrying about the fact that I didn’t have a coat to bring, but quickly gave up on that anxiety to enjoy my cousin’s wedding over the weekend. The man and I spent Saturday evening feeling spiffy and dancing like a bunch of cornballs.

That's us looking spiffy.
That’s us looking spiffy.

I spent the remainder of the weekend and Monday evening finishing and packaging all of my custom cat/dog orders from the last week to make sure they were safely in the mail before I boarded the plane to England. The ones I made last week all followed suit in being custom designs that kept me excited the whole way through the process. I’m always surprised, and I’m not sure why, at the new things I make because someone simply requests it. That top one, for instance, is a name tag for a vet. How perfect for my pins, and yet I never would have thought to have offered that in my shop. And look at Armstrong with his little arms that harken back to that name. I had fun all around making these even though I was under a tighter than normal deadline.


On the topic of being in London, I’m here for work. Mostly I’ll be occupied with that, but I also find that traveling for work offers me a nice repose from the stress and routine of daily chores. On these trips I usually get a lot of drawing done. This time around my plan is to learn screen printing and to start on a small book project that I’ve been noodling over for a few weeks. I’ve already signed up for a workshop at the Print Club London for next weekend, so this weekend I’ll be doodling up some designs to use there. Stay tuned!

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