Last week I gave out all 53 of the cat magnets to my coworkers. I seriously haven’t felt so giddy in a long time. Everyone seemed genuinely excited not only to get their own little custom magnet but to see everyone elses. I have to say, seeing all 53 laid out together was really satisfying. A ton of people mentioned how surprised they were at how unique each cat was and that I should post a few combos of photos and magnets together to show how I tried to capture the uniqueness of each kitty. Here are a few.

Bun Bun
Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks was one of my favorite cats to draw – I mean look at that sweetie face. She was one of my favorites because I could tell she was a loved lady and because she was a challenge. Not only is she all black, which is the most difficult cat to draw for me usually but she is blind. I wanted to capture her but not make her look scary. I hope I did! Usually the most difficult to capture cats are the ones that turn out to be my favorite magnets in the end. A bunch of people took photos of the giveaway and I’m really excited to see how they turn out. I’ll probably share a few on here if I can. You can also check out a bunch more of these babies in GoodAfternoonan.

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