And we’re off! Meet Pigeon, aka Piggy, aka nugget, aka weower instead of meower. Yup, she weows, and she is probably one of the best cats I have met. You’ll probably be seeing more custom portraits of this pretty lady. I have done one other one and have plans for a super Pigeon portrait soon.

As I mentioned earlier, I put out a call to all cat owners at work with an offer to make one of these one-of-a-kind custom cat portrait magnets. Each one will come in its own signed and number packaging similar to the one below.

Custom cat portrait

I now have a running list of about 51 cats to draw. I’ve made it through 11 of those, and I’m really excited to start sharing them on the new blog. I plan to finish ten each weekend for the next month, but I’ll probably only be sharing one a week on here. Check out GoodAfternoonan if you want your own little custom pet magnet.

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