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Christmas order reveal

paul and bailey Now that it’s the day after Christmas, I can share a few more of the orders that I worked on for holiday gifts. Because I knew that people were anxious (as I was) for their items to arrive before Christmas, I decided to make cute photos to email as well. This way my buyers would have a cute photo to give just in case something got delayed in the mail. These are a few of the little pics that I sent along this month as I finished up and shipped out holiday orders. I can’t wait to make versions of these for each holiday.

madison and roxy troutman christmas

luke christmas

Peek into the Studio

cat drawing

This week I continued to work on the last of my custom Christmas orders. This included a bunch of magnets but also five really fun custom pet portraits. One of them is Bip for President. If Bip really was running for president, I would lobby to make him some lapel pins for the election.

I’ve been practicing my talents on that front. Currently, I’m finishing up an order of name tag pins for a boutique in Perth called Fox and Rabbit. I love seeing my drawings as name tags. I’ve done a few for veterinarian offices and now this order. I think it’d be really fun to make a line of name tags for veterinarians and pet shops.




Peek into the studio: BUSTcraftacular and Holiday Orders


I am dedicating most to all of my energy this week to preparing for BUST craftacular and filling custom holiday orders, so I’m taking a few days away from writing. Instead I thought I would show a longer peek into my studio this week given that it’s where I’m spending all of my time. That first photo is a new item that I’ll soon have available in my shop. They are lil’ pigeon poppers – sets of unique magnets. Each set is unique and made up of four hand drawn pigeons.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been making around here.


I borrowed a button maker and have been having a blast making unique GoodAfternoonan button designs. I’ve been pleased with and made three so far and I have lots of ideas for button and button magnet sets. I can’t wait to experiment more with this when I have some slow time.

dozens of cat magnets

In prep for BUST, I’ve been making dozens of cat magnets. I have about four or five designs that I’ve gone with and I invested in a lightbox so that I can make them in bulk. This means they are all still individually hand drawn by yours truly, but I can make sets and reproduce.

designs for dog magnets

I’ve also come up with four or five dog designs as well. I’m not sure if these will sell because I feel like cat owners are pleased to get any cat item (we LOVE any cats, all cats, cats please), but I fear that dog owners may be more loyal to their breed of choice. We’ll see! That is one of the great things about a craft fair – you get immediate feedback on your items. I’ve also made sticker sets from some of my #LogaCat drawings, which I’m really pleased with and will show more of on here soon. That’s it for now, folks. I’m going to take a short hiatus for the rest of the week as I pull some all nighters on custom orders and prep for the fair.

P.S. – What do you think? I’d love to hear if any of my new designs really tickle you!