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Peek into the studio

micron dog drawing

I’m having a blast churning out pet portraits! People usually order portraits from me as gifts, and it’s that time of year. I’m hoping to make lots of pet owners happy this season. This shot is just a peek at one of the dogs I’m working on. I’m also making tons of magnets as well that I’ll show soon.

Back in the studio


After being away for six weeks, I’m finally back in the studio working on orders. I’m a bit behind on #LogaCat and probably will be for a few more days while I catch up on a backlog of about ten custom portraits. Here is a quick photo of the first one I started yesterday. You can see a bit of my process here. When I draw pets, I usually don’t pre-sketch with pencil, but on my people portraits I do. After this, I go over it in Micron and then add the patterned background.

#LOGaCAT cat drawings progress

I’m going to post weekly updates to #LOGaCAT instead of daily updates, mostly because I’m working out of London and need a bit of time to explore this dear old city over the next month, but also because that may just be too many cats!

Instead I thought I would share a week’s worth of new cat drawings, plus a cute little graphic to show you how many more I have left. The image below the fold is one that shows the currently drawn cats on a board of 100, so really that is only 1/3 of the total. I couldn’t fit them all into one graphic. Can you believe it?!? So here we go:

cat drawings Cat drawings cat drawings logacat1117three logacat1117two


Winter hobby: Weaving


1) small weaving from AnnaSlezak 2) woven trim binding border from AtelierCreation 3) woven wall hanging from EidieWeaving

As I mentioned when I spoke about macrame, I have never really taken to knitting or crochet although when it starts to get cold outside I really wish I loved it. Sitting on the couch under a blanket with two cats at my side, coffee in a mug, and some knitting needles and a ball of yarn sounds cozy and beautiful. I just can’t get past the knitting part.

This year, though, I’m getting a strong itch to make things. I got my macrame book and I’m ready to start a small piece, but I’m also planning to try my hand at a little bit of weaving. Now just where, though, would I put all of this stuff that I want to make. Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to make stuff?

Cats in Sinks

My first series of cat drawings, Cats in Sinks, happened a few years ago. I drew these before I really had my Etsy shop, and I only did them to make people on Facebook laugh. I drew ten cats in sinks and then I posted a picture of them on facebook and tagged my cat-loving friends. I then posted the pic on my online dating profile, and I completely attribute the love of my life surfacing because of my weird obsession with drawing cats (and dogs, but more on that in an upcoming post).

Never be scared to be who you are, even if that means risking a crazy label. Here are a few from that series.