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Drawing, drawing, drawing


I’ve sadly been only keeping up with August Break halfheartedly. I’ve got some pretty time consuming projects happening right now. Orders in my shop have been steady so I’ve been drawing a lot. I got a whole lot of custom couple portraits all at once and have been having a blast getting the faces right. These two are the ones I’ve been working on this week. Both show my very first pencil sketch and both will be refined and reworked a bit before I ink them. I have one more couple to do this weekend and three dogs!


I have also been working on some shrinky dink cat magnets again.

I decided to send out a prompt at work and offer a free magnet for any lovely cat owner than wanted one. I guess I like to create creative challenges for myself to spark the motivation or, in this case, to start a fire under my ass. While I certainly do have enough drawing work to do, I’ve wanted to see if I could actually produce en masse.

After a day, I had over 45 requests, which meant I got over 45 photographs of funny, adorable, loved cats. I also had to create some organization to get it all right. Each magnet will have a unique drawn portrait of the cat plus the cat’s name. That’s a lot of names to get right! I started this weekend, and I’m about 11 cats in. I hope to get the whole project done over the next two weeks. I’ll be sharing each pretty feline on here with his/her magnet over the next few weeks.


Cat Drawings

I take a lot of custom requests in my Etsy shop. I would say 99% are custom requests, and what I love most is that when someone asks me to do something different, like draw the pet with a crown on, I’m pushed to do something I would never have tried or thought to do.

Even something as simple as a different color request can make my job more fun.

Today I’m working on a drawing of a few cats. The photo I’m working off of has the cats in profile. I have not drawn cats in profile for my shop yet, so just this tiny little change is making this drawing extremely unique. Funny how small things can have such a huge influence on my excitement when making something.