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Quilting: My First Quilt

QUILT A MONTH: January 2015

As an adult, a busy adult, it’s so rare for me to find time to experiment, get lost in a process, and truly challenge myself to learn a new creative skill. In January, I read a quilt tutorial over on A Quilt is Nice, and thought it looked possible. I’ve never quilted, and I actually never thought I could sew well enough to make a whole quilt, but when I read that article what I can only describe as creative fever run through my head.

I immediately thought of my good friend Kim. Kim had moved away from NYC last October, and I missed her thoughtful creativity. The characteristics of quilting, not to mention quilting itself, is something that I relate to Kim and her shop, Tiny Hearts. Quilting is mindfulness, deliberate and meaningful creation with the imprint of the human spirit. I sent her a quick email asking for a quilt exchange. She agreed, and then she suggested something even more exciting – a year of quilts. And so that’s what we’ll do. Here is my first one, which I happily made with Kim in mind and sent her way.




I received Kim’s quilt last week, and it is so absolutely wonderful. She hand-stitched it and used fabric from her stash and from a project we both worked on at Etsy, so it means a great deal to me. Check out her progress on a #quiltAmonth over on her blog, Simple. Warm. Cozy. I’ll be posting my progress on here and on instagram!



Make my month: December 2013


Let’s see how I did on the last Make my Month.

In December 2013, I

  1. Sold at Bust Craftacular for the second year in a row – YAY
  2. Set up my wholesale linesheet for a few of my items, although I still have yet to add wholesale listings to my shop
  3. Failed at making Christmas gifts for my nieces and aunt, although I did try out weaving and decided it was not nice enough to give yet
  4. Made sticker packs but have yet to add them to my shop. In addition to stickers I also made my first batch of cat buttons and plenty of custom pet portraits
  5. Decided not to start a Dogs of Etsy magnet project yet as I was inundated with custom work for Christmas
  6. Doodled thank you cards for everyone who buys handmade from me

In January 2014, I will

  1. Make and reveal a brand new and exciting item for my shop
  2. Begin work on my KittyKind donation sale
  3. Fill my shop with valentines
  4. Make three new button and/or magnet packs


Make my Month: November 2013

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m sure I’ll mention it again, but I believe celebrating our small achievements is a huge part of remaining motivated. One way we can celebrate small achievements is by simply acknowledging them as just that – achievements. As a way to practice what I preach, every month I’m going to take a monthly tally of what I’ve accomplished from the previous month and set some small goals for the coming weeks.

In November 2013, I

  1. Started prep for wholesale by calculating that actual cost of making all of my items
  2. Reinvested in my shop by getting an easier camera for quick product shots
  3. Took Decor8’s blogging course, Blogging Your Way
  4. Took a Skillshare class, The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (sign up through this link to get $10 off your first skillshare class if you’ve never taken one before:
  5. Drew up to my 82nd #LogaCat

In December 2013, I will

  1. Sell at Bust Craftacular for the second year in a row – YAY
  2. Set up my wholesale linesheet
  3. Make Christmas gifts for my nieces and aunt
  4. Make sticker packs for my shop
  5. Start a Dogs of Etsy magnet project, similar to my Cats of Etsy project