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wedding rings

A little over a week ago, Andrew and I walked out near the mouth of the Saco river in Maine, said our vows to each other, and became husband and wife. I’m very happy and proud to say that the ceremony, our personally written vows, and the intimate celebration with immediate family took center stage. We only got engaged a little under 4 months ago, and we wanted to keep our planning inexpensive and stress-free. I wanted to feel excited not stressed about the upcoming wedding. I did not want to worry about controlling it too much. I didn’t want it to be it too precious.

maine wedding photos

It was carefree. It was small and it was perfectly us. The sun was bright, but the breeze was blowing in the salt air and it was in the 70s. Andrew wore a casual outfit that he had bought earlier in the day, and I wore fresh flowers in my hair from Biddeford’s local florist. After the ceremony, our backyard photo session was even crashed by a neighborhood dog – very fitting.

wedding portland

I’ll write another post about the wedding and how we made it so stress free and intimate in a bit, but I wanted to put up some photographs cause they turned out so lovely. (They were taken by my parents’ best friend who also took the photographs at my parents’ wedding over 40 years ago). After the wedding we headed up to Acadia National Park for a dirty dancing-esque camp honeymoon in a tiny cottage. I snapped a few pics of those too, so I’ll post some soon.

Sunday Shopping: Autumn Colors

autumn shopping

A week from today I’ll be writing my Sunday Shopping Series post from my Brooklyn apartment. It will have been six weeks since I was last there and in that time I know that New York has turned from almost spring-like weather to autumn. London is cozy and autumnal with its grey skies and misty rain, but I’m looking forward to seeing the golden leaves of Fall in Ditmas Park. This week’s Sunday Shopping post is inspired by the earth-tones of the season. I’ve also been searching for some yarn on Etsy recently, which explains the beautiful spool in spot number 1. I can’t wait to settle into some of my projects and new hobbies for the winter.

  1. hand-spun, wool yarn from Livingcloth
  2. industrial Card Catalog from Medusasantiques
  3. sewing cabinet drawer from Nachokitty
  4. vintage pottery planter from littlebyrdvintage
  5. 1960s Indian patchwork from MAHATMAPATCHWORKS