photobooth embroidery Where have I been? So many new things have been going on in my life and I want to share them all on here at GoodAfternoonan. I have been so busy! This update is such a long time coming. First of all, in March, I joined a new team at Etsy. Now instead of traveling all around the world, which was wonderful but exhausting, I’ll be staying here at home working with sellers through the Seller Education Team.


My first big project is Etsy Craft Party, a global celebration that happens on one day all over the world! You can read a little bit about it in a couple of blog articles that I wrote for Etsy. For one such article, I actually got to host a small pre-party with three local NY Etsy sellers. Julie Pinzur of Mokuyobi Threads, Erin and Corey Flanagan of Harp and Thistle Stitchery, and Jane Odartey of Mawusi came by the office, and we spent a whole half day embroidering together. That may have been my best Etsy day yet! If you’re in NYC, come down to our party next Friday, June 6th under the Manhattan Bridge Archway in DUMBO. AND, if you live anywhere else, look for a Craft Party near you.


embroidery dogs

Needless to say, embroidering photographs (this year’s DIY) has been occupying a lot of my time. I’m a bit obsessed. I’ve been embroidering when I wake up in the morning and on the weekends. I’ve been taking my embroidery to Prospect Park for picnics and to friends’ apartments for movie nights. I started out embroidering copies of some old photobooth pics that I had found at the estate sale earlier this year. Then I moved into more GoodAfternoonan territory with dog photos. My favorite so far is this big ol’ English bulldog.

embroidered dogs

My second huge bit of news is that the man proposed to me right after my birthday back in March. And the wedding is this July. Our goal is to have a stress free wedding in Maine and so far so good. I got a beautiful vintage 70s wedding dress on Etsy from Renegade Revival. We will have a very small ceremony on the beach followed by lobster rolls and a few more weeks on the coast. I cannot wait! I’ll share pics of the dress after the wedding. Stay tuned. I love it.

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