Wary Meyers has been such a favorite for so many years. I cannot even exaggerate the influence these designers have had on the style of my apartment. If I had a kid, how I would drool over that nursery. Ok, I already drool over it. How can you not love their love and showcasing of vintage. John and Linda Meyers are the designers behind Wary Meyers, but they are so much more than designers. They are also the most enviable vintage scavengers on the web in my opinion. I feel a special affinity with them because they spent a lot of their time in Brooklyn and then moved up to Portland, Maine. On their blog, they are often haunting some of the places I’ve seen since childhood.

Recently they’ve started making their own candle line, which I’ve yet to get, but check out how wonderfully they prop these product photos. Seriously this is good.


Ok, if I haven’t convinced you yet to go check out their blog, shop, instagram, googleimage of their name, let me tell you this as well. Their book, Tossed and Found, which is a sort of reuse, recraft, vintage, DIY book is probably my favorite DIY book on my shelf at home. I pull it out time and again for inspiration and reminders that I can play and just make something because making it will be fun.


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