Happy Valentine’s Day. There’s no better Friday than this one for some packaging love. One of the things I enjoy so much about shopping on Etsy is how sellers put a lot of care into packaging up their shipments. A lot Etsy sellers put the handmade personal touch on everything and really do spend a lot of time making each sale feel special. I love looking at pretty packages, but I struggle so much with figuring out a nice way to package up my items. For the most part I add a doodled handmade note and a cat sticker or button and call it a day.

I browse a lot of Pinterest boards to get packaging ideas. This week, though, I found a new blog obsession to satiate that packaging envy. Over a Oh, Hello Friend, Danni has a whole section dedicated to pretty packaging. These photos are just a sample. Check it out. It’s not just my Friday favorite. It’s been my favorite all week.


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