It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I really want to get back into the habit. What better day to start than on one where I’m stuck inside waiting for British Airlines to deliver my lost luggage. It’s my first Saturday in Berlin, and I’m stuck inside my Airbnb because, of course, apartments don’t have reception desks with which to leave lost luggage.

It’s left me sitting around, drawing and downloading new apps onto my phone. So I thought I would share some tools, apps or otherwise, that I’ve found to get myself back into blogging.

First up are my new Photojojo lenses. I got this three pack of Iphone lenses from Photojojo and they are pretty awesome.  Check out this telephoto shot of my most recent drawing.


Up next is Over, which is a handy little App that allows you to write with cool fonts over your photos.  Here is a combo of a photojojo Macro shot with some text from Over.


And finally, I found Krop Circle, which let’s you easily cut your photos into circles. Pretty handy if your blogging. This is a very bad example, but done in two seconds.


What are your favorite apps for blogging?

PS – I drew the giraffe in an attempt to make more kid drawings. Right now, I’ve got the custom elephant up in my shop. Hoping to add a giraffe, sloth, ‘gator, and a few more soon. Stay tuned.

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