I have a ton of lovely little ready to frame GoodAfternoonan portraits. I am trying to find more ways to share art everyday with people. Art doesn’t have to be expensive. A few years ago I used to leave little pieces of art around NYC as a way to share. I’d hoped that I might turn someone’s bad day around when they stumbled upon one of my little paintings in the library bathroom or on the stocked shelves of Barnes and Noble (I always marked them with a little note “Take me: this is a gift to you.”).

Since I have so many little portraits decorating the inside of my paper drawers, I thought it just makes more sense to send them out into the world.

So I’m going to do some giveaways. My first one will be for the “Read” portrait seen above. You can enter the giveaway through my Facebook Page.

The winner will get this lovely little piece of art, which is ready to be slipped into a frame and hung by your favorite bookshelf.

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