I’ve been painfully unaware of trends my whole life. From movies to music, I’ve always had a black hole when it comes to pop culture. Perhaps the lack of cable TV in my childhood encouraged a blissful ignorance of the popular. Nickelodeon, MTV, plain old commercials were absent from my youth. In my 4th grade year, New Kids on the Block skyrocketed, but to this day, I still can’t name one of their songs. According to Andrew, I can’t be cool. I’m innately uncool. So day three’s tip of tapping into the trends is the first tip to slow me down. I’m only on day three! I can’t stop now. Well, see for yourself. Here’s today’s tip:

Day Three: Check the trend forecast.Think about how you can maximize relevant trends with your product offerings, tagging and photo merchandising using the Trend Watch series on the Seller Handbook. Even if your product isn’t explicitly trendy, incorporating au courant packaging or photo props in your product listings can be a good way to tap into trends.

After searching around on google for a while and not finding anything useful, I decided to look at that last Trend Watch on Etsy. Poppytalk wrote one in June, but the trendy trends aren’t really my products. They are: weaving, cacti and bright textiles, shibori and indigo, and marble patterns. Nope, none of these fit my items.

I decided to make that last sentence of the day three tip my guiding light, and took a quick look around the apartment to see if I had any of these things to use for photo props. I certainly have a lot of cacti, and Andrew had some indigo dyed shirts. With that, I’m planning some a photo shoot for next week incorporating trendy props and some of the new items I’m working on for my holiday SMART goal.


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