1. Painting in second to last photo by MaronResur on Etsy, and
  2. Pottery by AlmaPottery on Etsy. These are two of my favorite Etsy purchases to date.

I have to admit, I’m quite a homebody. This is pretty funny given that my job has me travel around the world and I live in one of the most interesting and expensive cities. I don’t mind that I live in a small apartment, though, although I do daydream about what I would do with a slightly larger one.

I love being in my apartment. I love waking up on a lazy sunday, drinking coffee and just being in my place with my cats and the man. It makes for a nice existence when my number one fantasy can actually come true almost every week. My home is where I create, focus, and sit with myself. I am the type of person that needs this to recharge for the next week. I thought I’d share a few pics of my little home. These were taken over the last few years, and it has evolved a lot, but it still feels homey in the same way. I’m about halfway through my business trip. I’m not too homesick, but I will love getting back regardless.


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