I’m starting a new series on the blog called Chasing the Creative Impulse, which will be about inspiration and motivation in the creative process. I continually read about marketing and showcasing creative work. And while these are both very important, there is something else involved – the creation bit.

Creating can be hard and it can be tiring. Sometimes being inspired to create just doesn’t hit us if life is slogging and the sink is full of dirty dishes. Balancing a work life, home life, and social life sometimes means that making things takes work! Inspiration, motivation, and stamina are all critical in order to be creative. I want to share what I’ve learned about this part of the creative process.

The name Chasing the Creative Impulse touches on a couple of things that I want to explore. What are we seeking in our creativity? What is inspiration? Does creativity come in spontaneous spurts or are we limiting ourselves by fantasizing about some sort of almost-divine and fleeting impulse to be creative?

I think we should we stop chasing the impulse and start practicing the habit of creativity. Creativity doesn’t have to be for a select few. We can all be creative. Finding that creativity is not about waiting for the impulse to strike or about chasing the muse or seeking the revelation. We can find our creativity in many ways: by tapping into childlike play, by joining a community, by allowing for curiosity.

making things
Making things: the spoils of one Sunday crafternoon.

And so starting now I will be sharing regularly about my journey with being a maker. These posts will go up under the “Creating: Chasing the Creative Impulse” category, and I invite you to follow along. I’m hoping this series will be a conversation and look forward to hearing from some of you readers about your creative lives.

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    • Hi Katie, I’m in the BYW class with you, starting in a few days. I love your thoughts about chasing creativity. I just finished reading a great book on the topic- have you read this? So many helpful tips and tricks about taking charge of the creative process. In any case, looking forward to meeting you over the next few weeks as class swings into gear. I’m also an NYC blogger. Hopefully we can connect in person at some point- seems like people are on board for a meetup.

      • Hey Jessica, Thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly check it out. I would love to connect in person. I’m away until November 16th, so I’m hoping if there is a meetup or two, one will happen after that. I may just have to organize one once I’m back too. I’m very excited about the class!

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