Odessa, aka instacat, rules the vintage leather recliner in the corner of the living room. She also rules the living room and the bedroom and the suitcase, which I’ve yet to put away and the windowsill with all the plants. Sometimes she rules my eardrums first thing in the morning. She believes she is a loner, stepping just out of reach if you try to pet her too long, but she actually loves attention. When left to her own devices, she undoubtedly settles down onto whatever pair of shoes or clothing she can find. I take this to mean that she misses her human and wants to feel close, even if she can’t bring herself to be physically close.

Odessa is not the first standoffish cat that I’ve owned and I don’t take her seeming shuns personally. She has a particular way about her like most of us. Her way is just very well defined.

I’ve never has more than one cat at once, though, but I’d recently been thinking about what Odessa might be like with a companion cat, so I decided to foster a little brother for her. Last weekend, I traveled over to KittyKind, the adoption agency where I found Odessa. They know Odessa’s personality and were very happy to help find a cat that complimented her strange way.

Meet Crush – forever from now known of as Yanni.


Odessa is pissed, but I think she’ll warm up.Yanni has taken up residence in a safe room, the bedroom, and Odessa is ruling her chair. I’ve been feeding them on opposite sides of the same door and I’ll slowly introduce them. Does anyone have any other advice to add as Yanni settles into the new home?

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