Announcing GoodAfternoonan Laser Cut Brooches 

We’ve been working on new laser cut and etched brooches – a goat, a dachshund, sweet cats galore! Over the last month or so Andrew has watched the laser burn my designs into birch wood. He’s honed each file, tweaked the etched lines, and altered the tones. With each newly cut brooch, I’m more amazed at how he’s mastered the laser cutting machine. As I’ve cranked out new drawings, he’s quickly converted them into files for etching.

We started with tried and true GoodAfternoonan designs

A sassy little French french bulldog graces not only these small wooded trinkets, but GoodAfternoonan cards and magnets. My one-eyed cat and british shorthair are favorites in both 1 and 3 inch buttons. With these trusted designs, we made brooches and magnets out of laser etched birch wood. Each brooch looks perfect atop a cozy sweater.


But we also wanted to try something new

At fairs this winter requests came in for goats and llamas. Andrew took note, and I grabbed my markers. Early one Saturday morning, I doodled up a goat. The design worked really well for laser cutting, and he’s currently my favorite  wooden brooch. Each design also comes in magnet form. I can’t wait to pair these up with our normal 1 inch magnet packs.


While we’re finalizing the collection, we’re also working on display cards and planning to create gift boxes for different dog and cat breeds and styles. We also plan to make displays for our retailers for these cute little brooches, and I can’t wait to get to work on even more animals. What would you wear on your collar?


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