I did something crazy! I started an Instagram drawing exercise called #LOGaCAT. I’ve vowed to draw the first 300 cats that come my way with the #LOGaCAT @afternoonan on Instagram. Below is the very quick image that I put together for it.


I first posted it late Friday, but it didn’t catch until Saturday evening. And then, boy, did the cat pics start flooding in. I was thrilled to see so many excited people and to get so many funny cat pics to draw. Check out a few screenshots that I took Saturday night as the pictures kept rolling in.I got nearly 200 pics on Saturday, but I haven’t yet reached my 300, so if  you want to take part, please do! I may even extend it to 500.



Join me on Instagram either to watch or to have me draw your cat! It’s going to be a really fun 60 days of cats. My first batch will go up on the blog tomorrow.

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