The man and I had a great time over Labor Day weekend strolling around flea markets in Maine. My mom even tagged along one day. We went up to Maine with the intention of browsing but not buying, but the markets there are so chock full of unique bargains. We ended up coming home with a car full of goodies. I thought I’d show a quick sneak peek before I find their rightful place in my apartment. This is just a sampling of what we found. I added two more Native American pots to my growing collection, found a few fun tins for less than 50 cents a piece, and got a 10 drawer apothecary cabinet for under 100!! Teaser – we also got two great chairs, each of which cost less than 2 bucks.


I’ve been thinking of collecting tins to make this container magnet DIY from Martha Stewart for a while, especially since my studio area has a number of metal pieces of furniture like the IKEA PS cabinet. I have a lot of round tins, so I’ve been on the lookout for ones that would work. I think the bag balm one will be stashed away for that until I find a few companion pieces. They would be great to hold my pens.

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