Remember when I mentioned the amazing estate sale I went to a few weeks back. I finally got around to using all of the jars and boxes that I found there to organize in my studio. First I hung up floor to ceiling Algot shelves. Almost everything I put on these shelves was found in yard sales, from jars for buttons to boxes for my completed button packs.

At the estate sale, I had picked up a bunch of jars. Some were canning jars, but some were these amazing mayonnaise jars that I think are probably from in the 1960s. They are really thick with measurements on the glass. One of them has a very slight blue tint. I love them so much. They are a little small so they are holding my button mylar covers and some overstock one off buttons.


I also got a great little boombox to replace the huge one that I used to use. I listen to the radio a lot, but I am also a fan of using the old speakers for my ipod. Who needs a new ipod dock when you can just hook it up to a pristine boombox.


After hanging the shelves, I decided to take stock of all of the inventory that I had. I had lots of buttons made, but no packs already put together, so I spent some time getting my shelves stocked. I feel like I’m making some progress on transforming the shop and making my process more efficient.


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  1. Some great organization ideas here! I can never get enough of that…I love an organized space. Thanks for sharing your ideas here. Can’t wait to meet you in person at BBC St. Louis!

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