QUILT A MONTH: January 2015

As an adult, a busy adult, it’s so rare for me to find time to experiment, get lost in a process, and truly challenge myself to learn a new creative skill. In January, I read a quilt tutorial over on A Quilt is Nice, and thought it looked possible. I’ve never quilted, and I actually never thought I could sew well enough to make a whole quilt, but when I read that article what I can only describe as creative fever run through my head.

I immediately thought of my good friend Kim. Kim had moved away from NYC last October, and I missed her thoughtful creativity. The characteristics of quilting, not to mention quilting itself, is something that I relate to Kim and her shop, Tiny Hearts. Quilting is mindfulness, deliberate and meaningful creation with the imprint of the human spirit. I sent her a quick email asking for a quilt exchange. She agreed, and then she suggested something even more exciting – a year of quilts. And so that’s what we’ll do. Here is my first one, which I happily made with Kim in mind and sent her way.




I received Kim’s quilt last week, and it is so absolutely wonderful. She hand-stitched it and used fabric from her stash and from a project we both worked on at Etsy, so it means a great deal to me. Check out her progress on a #quiltAmonth over on her blog, Simple. Warm. Cozy. I’ll be posting my progress on here and on instagram!



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