spools and photos

Vintage spools and vintage photographs make a great display. And the man has perfect timing. Andrew spent the last few weeks in Florida. Since he knows that I’ve been working on Craft Party, he picked up these three cute little vintage photo cards at a garage sale while he was down there. I’m working on cheap and cute Craft Party decorations for the tables, and the host for the Craft Party at RNest posted a pic of this great idea for using old spools.

All you need is some vintage sewing spools (or new wooden ones), a paperclip, and a photo on cardboard. Since I didn’t have any paperclips, I used some mini clothespins that I had picked up at the dollar store a while back. I’d recently gotten these cute vintage wooden sewing spools at a local yard sale. I now use them for my embroidery thread.


This DIY is as easy as putting the clothespin into the hole at the top of the spool and putting the photo in the clip. If it’s a little loose, just add a little folded paper at the back and you’re good to go. These will look cute with the pin-cushion mason jars that I’m attempting to make today!


For our actual party, I think I’ll use copies of the photos that we’re including in the DIY kits and just mount them on cardboard or foamboard.

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