In 101 in 1001 I mentioned a few cooking related things that I plan to achieve. One thing I am determined to do is to have some regular fallback recipes stored in my head so that I can grocery shop for dinner on a whim. You’d think by 33 I would have already had this covered, but nope.

I’ve been trying out a few easy recipes lately, such as chili, stewed chicken legs, and a highly easy and recommended sour cream noodle bake – yes, comfort food. I made all of these in my enamel dutch over and I really love it. And since another of my tasks is to replace all of my pots and pans, I’ve been scouring Etsy for enamelware. These are a few of my favorites.

  1. arabia finel lintu enamel mug from planetutopia
  2. copco sauce pan with lid from VintageByBeth
  3. french blue enamel teapot from HiThereVintage
  4. seppo mallat for finel stockpot from alamodern
  5. oval casserole roaster from ethanollie

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