estate sale finds

After college, I moved from Texas to Missouri, where I lived for a year before heading up here to New York. I was living in an apartment without roommates for the first time. During that year one of my biggest hobbies was to go to weekend yard and estate sales in my first attempt to furnish my apartment. I found everything from a desk to typewriters to bookshelves to a full danish dining room set. Those early Saturday mornings were thrilling. After moving to New York, I had to give up the thrifting bug because the deals weren’t as good and I couldn’t get out of the city.

Fast forward ten years, and I am living here in Brooklyn with a car, some free time, and a few friends who share my enthusiasm for an early morning vintage hunt. Last weekend, for the first time in my decade of living in New York City, I went to a real estate sale. And it was worth the wait! Despite having little room to house my new treasures, I came home with everything from vintage zinc topped canning jars to cow bell wind chimes to a walk-a-matic. I’m slowly stocking an imaginary vintage-filled Etsy shop. Everything pictured above is a version of something I came away with. I can’t wait to sell some stuff, make some room, and head back out to thrift.

  1. vintage french egg basket from RattyandCatty
  2. antique giant scissors from thejunkhaus
  3. window tacks from Iprefervintage
  4. birdcage from othernessdesign

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