I grew up in St. Louis, back when St. Louis wasn’t so spread out (well, when all of middle America was probably a little more small town and a little less strip mall). Back in those days, and still now if I’m to believe what I hear from my brother’s kids, St. Louis had a unique Halloween tradition. As kids, we would plan our costumes, dream about the trash bags full of candy we would get, and carve our pumpkins, but we also prepared for Halloween in another way: We chose our annual joke. That’s right. Trick or Treat in St. Louis means you actually have to tell a joke at each house to get your candy. I thought this was a full American tradition until I moved away from Missouri at the age of 12. Apparently this is unique. But seriously how much MORE fun does this tradition make Halloween, not only for the kids but for the adults answering the door. I can’t remember any jokes, but I’m sure come the end of October I would be able to spout off a few keepers if I lived in the ol’ Lou. Does your hometown carry its own unique tradition?

This week’s Sunday Shopping Series is dedicated to that good old spooky holiday.


  1. Ghosts are Everywhere from VintageBookBoutique
  2. Lanvin Photo from StillsofTime
  3. Vintage skull beads from Nepalbeadshop
  4. Tarot cards from Midwestseller
  5. Little witches screenprint by EstherMcManus

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  1. I like the joke idea, we didn’t have that in Florida. It is only polite to offer someone something in return for a treat, not just an upfront threat of a “trick” if they don’t deliver.

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