valentines gift ideas

After a short hiatus, I’m back with a few recommendations for next week’s holiday. Although it might be a bit late to order something custom, here are some great ideas for a unique gift.

One Valentine’s Day, when I was about nine year’s old, I came home in the evening after my Irish Dancing lessons to find a surprise. The day had been a typical grade school kid’s Valentine’s Day. I’d brought a stack of cards addressed to each kid in my class to school. They were corny cards that we’d picked up at Target the weekend before. I’d eaten some candy hearts. I’d gone on with the rest of the day as normal: recess running around, after school activities with my friend Sarah, evening dance lessons. When I walked in the front door, however, I was greeted by a red-haired russ troll doll. He was standing on the coffee table, smiling with arms outstretched holding a heart. My mom had picked him up on her way home from work. It was such a surprise and still stands out as the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. So, although i think Valentines is an annoying commercialized holiday, there are great memories that can be created with funny surprises. Frivolous, funny gifts can make anyone smile. Here are some great ones:

  1. Victorian puzzle from steelbrush
  2. bleeding heart with banner from likethepastry
  3. love monster figurine from WhimsyCalling
  4. bear and wolf mook love from ilovegreyskies
  5. X files valentine set from waitominute

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