cat in bikini

Grab your markers and some free coloring pages! It’s a rainy summer day. Stay in the screen porch, snuggle with the cats and make a masterpiece with your colored pencils.

It’s summer, the time to pack your beach bag and head to the pool.

It’s July in St. Louis. Out in the garden on these hot mornings I’m reminded of the slow, humid summer days of my childhood, spent mainly at the pool. Each morning, before it’d get unbearable, we’d pack the tote with essentials: sunscreen, towels, a few snacks, my caboodle full of friendship bracelet-making supplies, and – being toe-headed – Ultraswim shampoo. Then we’d head out for a long hot day – 10am to 5pm – poolside. We mastered backflips. We strapped on goggles and discovered sunken treasures, an earring or a few quarters. We exhausted ourselves with hours of canon balls, ring fetching in the deep end, and treading water.   

cat in bikini

But what about those rainy days?