Remember when I said, I’d go over everything I learned in my Cats of Etsy project. Well here is a quick how-to of point number two.

Time management


I learned three important things about time management over the course of my last two years of having an Etsy shop and I got to really apply it and test it out with Cats of Etsy:

Break every project into very small TO DOs

When thinking about making 53 cat magnets or 300 cat doodles for that matter, I can easily slip into, “OMG, this is going to take me so long.” Once you start thinking of the BIG project, it’s easy to get deflated and demotivated. I always just focus on a very small task. For the Cats of Etsy project, the small task was drawing 10 cats a week. For the LOGaCAT project, I’ve determined to do 5 cats a day. Chipping away at the stone really does work. I know that at 5 cats a day I should be done in 60 days, but I don’t even really let myself go there. It is too easy to go from there to if I miss 10 days, I won’t be done for ….days and so on.


Use feedback as motivation

So much of time management is staying motivated to keep doing. Once you’ve determined the small step you’ll take today, celebrate it when you’re done! Celebrate it and let others celebrate with you. If you’re working on a creative project, people love to see the work in progress, so use your social networks. Show everyone your progress. The response you’ll get from them will motivate you to keep going forward and will make it more fun!


This one seems obvious, but it’s the hardest one for me. Turn off the computer, the TV, even the radio. Work on your project everyday for a short amount of time in complete silence. Getting into a state of concentration can take a few minutes and so this is extra important when our daily lives are so consumed with the cellphone, the internet, facebook, and twitter. Even though those are also your tools for motivation, you MUST put them aside for a small part of your day to focus only on the project.

I practiced all three of these things with Cats of Etsy and am trying to use them again for LOGaCAT. Ultimately, I get continual motivation for my drawings because I know that the cats make other people smile.

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