With the New Year, like many people, I get the urge to get more organized. This year I’m not focused on organizing my apartment as in years past. Instead, I’m excited about organizing my thoughts for both this blog and my shop. I want to keep my ideas for each of these in special notebooks. What better way to express the importance of my ideas than to give them a special, handmade notebook.

vert cerise

This week’s favorite, then, is for the paper shop that will supply my notebooks, Vert Cerise, a little shop from Paris, France. Laetitia, who runs Vert Cerise, hand makes the paper goods, from gift tags and cards to notebooks and lined envelopes. They are just lovely, and I can’t wait to get mine. I opted for a larger notebook for blog ideas and a cute matchbook one for my shop ideas. I also gave in and got some “Merci” stickers.


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