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Late last September, I swept the floors of my empty 700 sq. ft Brooklyn apartment, packed my toothbrush into a backpack, and headed out for my last day at the Etsy headquarters. I had called NYC home for over 12 years and Etsy my day job for four. That afternoon, after a barrage of goodbyes, I flew to St. Louis to start a new life.

My husband and I had decided to invest fully in our small business, GoodAfternoonan, and with our newfound physical and mental space, we embraced taking it full-time. We reorganized – shuffling fabric, shipping supplies, and equipment into the spare bedroom of our new 108 year old house. We began daily routines – brainstorming over morning coffee on the back porch, creating new designs during afternoon hours.

Now after nearly 9 months, I finally sense the impact of our move. We’ve started a transformation for GoodAfternoonan, one that will only continue as we settle further into the new reality of waking up to printing our daily shipping labels and spending afternoons crafting our newsletter. Each day brings us closer to the vision of GoodAfternoonan that propelled me to quit my job and move across country:

Adding Better Items

In Brooklyn, our studio space was simply a dining table in our one room living space. We hid button supplies behind bookshelves and stacks of my drawings in drawers, desperate to contain the clutter of a creative business. Those limits, though, are no more and with extra studio space came new equipment…and new drawings! I’ve designed pomeranians and bloodhounds. I’ve also drawn so many more cats: persians, siamese, british shorthairs.

Etsy cat buttons

Designing for the Future

I had always wanted to turn my sketches into repeat patterns for fabric. How much better are cats when paired with flowers or pugs surrounded by hearts? Finally with the extra time, I’ve made it happen. So far, I have three fabric designs: my fat sitting cat, my pug fabric, and my siamese cat fabric. We’ll release a new fabric goods line with these three designs and a few more in the Etsy shop in the near future. So far these designs have graced pillows and zipper pouches, and I can’t wait to release a full line of products for you! I’ve also had time to design my first line of greeting cards with many more to come. 

Etsy Pug Fabric Design

Working to Raise Awareness

A most exciting change is a new focus for our business. We’ve had time to consider how we can make our shop, our products and our relationship with you more meaningful. As we grow GoodAfternoonan, we’ll be looking to raise awareness for shelters and other organizations that support the humane treatment of animals. We’re committed to incorporating that into our day to day!

Do you have a dog you’d like me to draw? How about a rescue story to share? Hearing from our fans inspires us along the way. Let me know a tidbit about your pet in the comments!

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