One great treasure that I had been on the lookout for at yard sales for months was a nicely knotted macrame plant hanger. I’ve been coveting them online for years – ever since college really which for me was way before the trend.


1) giant macrame wall hanging from ethanollie, 2) macrame decanter from OceanSwept, 3) eagle macrame from CaprockVintage

I have vivid memories of watching the sun streaming through the one in the den in my childhood home. My mom had a huge spider plant in it and I would get much amusement from rooting the babies in glasses on the kitchen windowsill. Over labor day in Maine, I had the fortune of finding one at a charity shop for $6. And it’s massive. The man hung it this weekend in my little studio and of course I put my spider plant in it. I know it will fill out nicely! There it is below, but this brings me to another point.


I’ve never taken to knitting in the cool months, although I daydream about liking it. Perhaps macrame-making when I’m hermiting is the new hobby for this winter. There are certainly plenty of wonderful and inexpensive craft books from the 70s on the subject available on Etsy. These are just a few from my favorites. macramebooks

1) Step by step macrame from NoEgretsAntiques, 2) Macra-hangings ETC. from MissMissaHandcrafts, 3) Creating with Macrame from grammysyarngarden

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